The Common Ways to Pass a Drug Test

Drug tests are done to find out whether a person has abused illicit drugs or not. Drug tests are increasingly becoming compulsory at many work places, for college admissions, and in sports. This has led to drug abusers to find out the ways to pass a drug test. Information is given below on the methods followed by the drug abusers to pass a drug test.

There are different kinds of drug tests but none of them are perfect. The type of the drug test to be used to test a suspect depends on the purpose of the test like whether to know about the current abuse of drug abuse in the past. The common methods of drugs testing are:

1. Urine test

2. Hair Follicle test

3. Saliva or Mouth fluid test

The common ways to pass different drug tests:

The following are the common ways that can be used by the drug abusers to pass a drug test.

To pass Urine test:

• Substitution: Using urine that is not genuine.

To pass urine drug test, concentrated synthetic urine substitute is used. Drug testing relies on the *** testers running a drug test, or drug screen, on the sample collected to test for drug metabolites. A substitute of concentrated synthetic urine is highly recommended as an effective method to pass a drug test for marijuana or for any other substance.

• Additives: Adding a chemical to disrupt the drug test

Additives work great for random tests and easier to use than concentrated urine. Using additives is the most common method of defeating the urine test. Additives like bleach and/or alum work in two different ways. Some act chemically to destroy toxins in the urine and some block the capability of the test to detect toxins in the urine.

• Detoxification: Using detoxification products.

The third way to beat the drug test is to detoxify the body system to a threshold below the drug test limits. A complete line of detoxifying products is available in the market to defeat the urine drug test.

To pass Hair Follicle test:

Hair follicle test can only detect historical drug use. Hair detox shampoos are available to make the hair show negative result for the test. Another method to pass a hair follicle test is to use detox hair sprays that are similar to the common hair sprays.

To pass Saliva test:

Saliva testing is generally used by insurance companies for detecting the presence of nicotine and other drugs in the chemicals in the mouth. This test is conducted to find the immediate use of drugs. Saliva drug testing can be passed using detox mouthwash, which is available in the market.

This should help you to look for ways to prevent a potential drug addict from circumventing the test procedure.

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