Parents: Learn How Your Children can Cheat Drug Tests

Kids today are like a faulty balance scale. You tip the scale in one direction, and it falls flat on that side. Drugs and alcohol are in school and universities and it’s important to know what tests kids can fake and what ones they can’t. We will be focusing on urine alcohol testingand hair alcohol testing

Alcohol testing in urine is easy to fake using common sense. Most drugs show up in the urine for one week past its consumption. What a lot of kids can do is drink a lot of water so it flushes out of their system faster if they know that a drug test is coming. Others are able to sneak in “uncontaminated” urine so that they will pass.

One way that urine alcohol testing has been able to do to combat that this is measure the temperature of the urine. If the urine is slower than normal body temperature when it’s received, it’s obvious that the urine was brought in from the outside. We are also able to relatively tell the age of a person by their urine. If someone got the urine from an older man, a doctor will be able to tell that it is not your kids.

Hair alcohol testing is much harder for kids to cheat on. One obvious way to cheat this test is to cut off all of your hair. By then, you know something’s up. Alcohol in their hair can be stored for up to a year, so it’s a much more reliable test of ones drinking or drug habits. There are kits and shampoo that you can by that will supposedly cleanse your hair of any drugs or alcohol that would show up on a hair alcohol test. Short of bleaching your hair, these have proven to be ineffective.

As a parent it is your responsibility to monitor what your child is doing. Most of us know first hand that getting mixed up in drugs and alcohol can only lead down a bad path. Becoming addicted to one of these is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Addiction will lead to a point where depression will kick in so hard that they will no longer feel like living gives a purpose. If their life becomes meaningless, then there will be no reason to keep it going. Do what you can to prevent this, but know that free choice is absolute.

While displaying the importance of not getting caught in the web of addiction, be sure not to be harsh or cruel to your children. If you child does get caught with an illegal substance, you can’t threaten them violently or they will do it more to spite you. They will lose respect for you when violence is brought into the picture, and when you lose respect from the one’s that are supposed to be showing you the way, responsibility becomes meaningless.

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