Drug testing for the various institutions

The testing of drugs at the work place or in sports teams has become one of the most common phenomenons. Not only that drug testing has got its popularity in probation offices, police departments, schools and many other such institutions. This is a method of detection to discover people having drug problems. This is quite helpful in preventing a lot of deaths in today’s world because of the growing addiction for drugs. This also helps the employers to determine what type of people they are employing and to ensure full efficiency of their employees. This is also an effective tool for the parents who suspect that their children are getting victim of drug addiction. This sometimes becomes really needful, as there is no time limit or age group of getting addicted to drugs. Therefore the invention of drug testing really proves to be a boon for a lot f people and for that reason they are able to help their near and dear ones.

For a company or a sports team the drug testing becomes much essential to ensure the physical health of their players or the employees. In most cases it is seen that the applicants are required to go through a drug test in order to join the team or get a job. This is legal procedure and is been legally accepted by most of the countries. As this is true that a person is always having the choice whether to go under a drug test or not, but in that case the unwilling person will not be hired by that company or will not be allowed to join the team. Thus it is seen that drug testing has been put under the eligibility criteria by most of the companies or sports team before employment or joining the team. And an applicant must fulfill this criterion before getting employment or being accepted as a team member. This criterion has been accepted worldwide. And it is also seen that this is not only helpful for the employer but also for the employee.

But along with that it is also often seen that periodical drug tests are being conducted at work places and also in sports teams. This is done to ensure incase the candidates gets to addiction after joining. This proves the concern of the employers and the sports teams about drug addiction. As for example in case of sports teams while going on a tournament, drug test is been conducted for each team members by the organizers. Therefore in case any single member of any team is found positive, the team is really going to face serious problems. Therefore a strict eye is kept before hand by the teams themselves. Similarly the companies also are quite concerned about this matter and it is obvious that they would always try to get the best out of their employees for their own profit.

As we all know that drugs have negative physical and emotional effects on human behavior. Therefore having an employee or player under the influence of drugs is a dangerous situation. Thus they have plenty of solid reasons to conduct a drug test in order to certify their employees and athletes of their ability of best performance.

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