Drug test and its methods

These days all the leading companies and the employers are quite concerned about the better outcome of the money they are paying to their employees. Therefore they are quite concerned about the sobriety of their employees. It is much of their concern to know whether the person they are hiring as their employee should not be under the influence of any kind of drugs that may hamper their ability to work. Therefore it has these days become the must that you should pass all the stages of drug testing so that it can be made clear that you are not addicted to any kind of drugs before you get employed. In many countries this drug testing before employment has been legally proclaimed. Therefore according to the law of the state you are bound to go through all the stages of drug test and must pass them in order to get your appointment letter. Not only that many employers often doesn’t think that to be enough to have a drug test conducted before employment. They often conduct periodical drug tests, i.e. they use to conduct such tests with regular intervals, incase any of the employees have put on the habit after joining.

This is quite good for both the employer and the employed. For the better health of the employees, rather for the better health of the whole society this is quite essential and useful. Many schools and colleges have also taken on this system to have a check on their students in case any of their students are addicted to the harmful effects of drugs.

There are mainly three stages of drug test that an employee should pass i.e. pass a Urine test, pass a Saliva test and pass a Hair test. All these are done to ensure that the employee is not under any kind of drug addiction. According to the recent data employees are found to be prone to have been using benzodiazepines or oxycodone as anti-anxiety medicines and painkillers. As these drugs are prescribed medicines the data is not clear that whether they are used for their proper usage or the employees have got addicted to these medicines. According to the latest surveys it is found that the use of illegal drugs have been found to have decreased to a great extent in the last 20 years. And the good news is that the use of cocaine have decreased by about 29% according to drug testing surveys in 2008 in relation to 2007.

The most commonly used method for testing the presence of drugs is by testing the urine. In this method the urine of the employee or the candidate is collected in a cup and is checked by using a panel kit that gives instant result. In some cases the sample of urine may also be sent to the laboratory for a thorough check. Another such testing method is by testing the hair or the hair follicle test to find out tresses of drugs that may have been consumed in the last few months. In case the candidate is not having hair on his head, the hair follicle test is done. This is rather a painful process. The Saliva test is not that a popular method as this has some limitations and can only detect tresses of drugs that have been consumed in the last few days. because of its limitations this is not a very frequently used method.

Therefore it comes that you need to pass all these tests so that there may not be found any tresses of the usage of drugs in your body in order to keep your job in safety.

Pass a drug test, Pass a hair test

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