Pass a hair follicle test for alcohol, cocaine or any drug with Mike’s Macujo Method

how to pass your drug and alcohol testing

No matter what drugs you use, you can still pass a hair follicle test with ease thanks to advancements in detox methods and products. Hard drugs like cocaine are really difficult to get out of your hair, but if you use the best detox method, mike’s Macujo method, you can completely remove it to beat the test.


Hair drug tests are very common now and can detect your use from up to 90 days before. This is what can make them particularly troublesome for users. However, even if you use drugs heavily, you still don’t need to worry about passing the test with the use of mike’s Macujo Method.



Mike’s Macujo method

So what makes Mikes Macujo Method the best in comparison to any other hair detox method? Mike’s Macujo actually works for ALL drug users. Thousands of drug users have been able to pass hair drug test cocaine, alcohol, and any other drug with the help of mike’s macujo. This method is a permanent solution to getting rid of drug toxins from your hair follicles.


You need to make sure that you follow all of the instructions with the method because this is the only way it is guaranteed to work. Some users had to repeat the method several times until all the drugs were removed from their hair because of using hard drugs or using drugs heavily.


This method involves a series of steps in which you need to use the potent hair detox shampoo known as Macujo Aloe Rid. You do need to give yourself enough time for this process to work, so it is best to have at least a few days before your test to perform mikes Macujo method. The time it takes to correctly perform this method is worth it in the end because it will get you a pass on your hair test.


Best hair detox shampoo

The best detox shampoo around is the Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo. Macujo Aloe Rid is compared to the original nexxus aloe rid however, the Macujo Aloe Rid has a higher propylene glycol content. Each bottle of Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo is six ounces and can provide up to 15 washes, which is what makes it a more affordable option than other products. In order for you to be successful at passing a hair follicle drug test macujo method, you must use your Macujo Aloe Rid with it.

Macujo Aloe Rid Hair fiollicle shampoo


The accuracy and detection time of hair follicle tests can be intimidating, but regardless of what drugs you take, you can still pass as long as you are prepared. You should always have a bottle or two of Macujo Aloe Rid detox shampoo on hand for whenever you are faced with a hair drug test situation. The best chance you have at passing is by using the mike’s Macujo method as directed because it has been proven to be effective by users of all kinds of drugs.

The Controversy Over Home Drug Tests For Teens: Will Your Child Need Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Stores are now selling a home drug test for parents who are inches away from calling an inpatient drug rehab center because they suspect their children are using drugs. To use the test, simply pull a hair from the head of your child and run it through the test.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? While the test itself might be simple, the factors and worries behind it are not. In California, drug rehab centers are concerned these new tests might cause a rash of unnecessary calls to the centers among many other family problems and complications.

The Moral Conflict

Many inpatient drug rehab programs feel that if things have gotten to the point that parents are going to take a hair sample for drug testing, it is time to sit and talk with their kids and look for other possible signs of drug abuse. For them, giving your child a drug test without their knowledge brings up questions in terms of trust and betrayal.

The biggest concern is that the focus of talking to kids for the purpose of prevention will be passed over since now, all parents have to do is pull out a strand of their kid’s hair. They can even do it while the kids are sleeping.

On the other side of the fence, manufacturers and many family groups feel the in-home drug tests could help addicts get help sooner and minimize the impact on everyone involved. They feel the test is a valuable tool for those who already strongly suspect drug abuse.

The results can be used to face the teen and convince them to go into a California drug rehab center or other treatment program in the US. It also helps in situations where the child is uncooperative or even violent.

The Accuracy of the Test

In-home drug testing is over 99% accurate, however this does not take contamination into consideration. Say your child goes to a public washroom and runs his hand through his hair. The transfer of DNA can occur that easily and the tests cannot distinguish between the two sets of DNA. In professional California drug rehab and testing centers, precautions are in place to eliminate this possibility.

As if a false positive result isn’t enough, the repercussions of falsely dragging your child to an inpatient drug rehab center only to find out it was a mistake can have life-long, negative effects on everyone. Home tests also cannot detect some drugs and substances, which could lead to false negatives causing severe drug problems to be ignored until it is too late.

In the end, choosing whether to use a home drug test is up to the parents to decide. If you are already considering testing, it may be in your best interest to seek the help of a professional California drug rehab center or other treatment center in your area. This way, even if you end up enrolling your child in an inpatient drug rehab program, you and your child will have the support needed to negotiate through the troubled waters and make it through the ordeal.

Why Shampoos Could Be The Most Dangerous Cosmetic Products?

Cosmetic and medical products that get in contact with our skin are absorbed through the skin, get in the blood stream and can accumulate in high quantities in different parts of our bodies. The absorption of substances from outside the skin to positions beneath the skin, including entrance to the blood stream, is referred to as Percutaneous Absorption. Usually, shampoos contain very aggressive cleaning ingredients that desroy hydrolipidic film. Hydrolipidic film is an emulsion of water (hydro) and fat (lipos). Its main function is an external barrier, a defense against bacteria and fungi. In addition it keeps the skin supple. The cleaning ingredients of shampoos destroy external barrier of the scalp and all the dangerous ingredients found in shampoos enter our bodies.

This is why all cosmetic products not just medical products must be tested for safety.

Hairdressers and estheticians are considered to be at high professional risk, because they come in contact with cosmetic products more than anyone else. Most importantly, there are a lot of different ingredients in cosmetic products, especially shampoos that can be very damaging to our health. In particular, there are lot of ingredients widely used in the cosmetic industry that are not being studied as much as food products and drugs, but they can be very dangerous and carcinogenic (can cause cancer). The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare says the number of cancers being diagnosed each year is growing faster than the overall population. Skin cancer has increased by more than 350% in last five years.

This is why all Allatolia products have been extensively tested and analyzed for safety and clinical effectiveness.

Allatolia products are manufactured without the addition of colorings, perfumes, and thickening ingredients since their origin (1978), because the very high quality of raw materials used allows avoiding any kind of covering. Colors and perfumes are often added to products in order to cover bad quality of raw materials (low quality raw materials often smell very bad). Dermatologists and Allergologists consider perfumes and colors which are added to cosmetic products as the most responsible for contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a localized rash or irritation of the skin caused by contact with a foreign substance. Professionals in the cosmetic field, especially hairdressers are at higher risk for developing irritations and allergic reactions due to the fact that they use cosmetic products all day long.

Allatolia products are made without formaldehyde since the origin (1978). Formaldehyde (or formic aldehyde) is a preservative considered to be very dangerous, although widely used for its low price. Formaldehyde is classified as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. International Agency for Research on Cancer states that there is sufficient evidence that formaldehyde causes nasopharyngeal cancer in humans. Formaldehyde also causes allergies.

Under certain dosage the present laws do not yet force producers to declare the presence of formaldehyde. In Switzerland the use of formaldehyde is forbidden for both medicines and cosmetics since 1967. Therefore, the voluntary procedure to submit the products to the composition exam to the laboratories of Swiss Hygiene and the consequent certification of conformity means that, under precise responsibility of the producer, the products are made without formaldehyde. All the certificates that state that all Allatolia products do not contain formaldehyde can be found on our website.

Villa Bofghini products are manufactured without Methylene Chloride since the origin (1978). Methylene Chloride has always been considered as a very dangerous substance for human health. In spite of this, it has been largely used to manufacture hair sprays and hair fixing products mainly because of its low cost and of its high volatility characteristic (it is able to let the other ingredients exhale very quickly, thus allowing to fix hair almost immediately). Obviously, Methylene Chloride and other substances heavily pollute the environment. This bears dangerous consequences to the health of people using such toxic products. Only in 1998 did the European Commission finally classify it as “R-40″ meaning dangerous substance able to cause irreversible noxious effects to human health.

Allatolia products have been clinically studied and tested for maximum safety by Repeated Insult Patch Test. All Allatolia products have passed this test. Under normal conditions it takes 28 days for the basal layer of skin cells through their death and physiological transformation to finally reach the skin surface. This is the cycle of the skin, called cellular turnover. This is what allows the skin to have the power of self-defense form anything that comes in contact with it.

There are two clinical-pharmacological tests used to evaluate safety of products for topical application. They are Patch Test and Repeated Insult Patch Test. The Patch Test usually lasts 48 hours. As previously explained, the cellular turnover of the skin lasts 28 days. This means that the product tested only for 2 days cannot be called hypoallergenic, because 2 days are not enough to really test the product. The Repeated Insult Patch Test lasts for 30 days, that is to say two more days of the skin cellular turnover. This is why the product that managed to over come such a rigid test is certified as “Incapable of causing irritation or allergic reactions”.

According to the FDA, there are no Federal standards or definitions that govern the use of the term “hypoallergenic”. The term means whatever a particular company wants it to mean. Manufacturers of cosmetics labeled as hypoallergenic are not required to submit substantiation of their hypoallergenicity claims to FDA.

Allatolia products have overcome the strictest clinical-pharmacological test in the University Laboratories for Maximum Safety: “The Repeated Insult Patch Test”. All Allatolia products are certified as incapable of causing irritation or allergic reactions.

Up to today, Allatolia is the unique whole range of products in the world that was able to overcome the hardest test for maximum safety.

The scalp is at the top of the list among the body parts affected by Allergenic Contact Dermatitis. Shampoos are the most dangerous products, because they destroy the hydrolipidic film of the skin (extreme barrier for the protection of the skin) and that provokes the dangerous rebound effect of the sebaceous gland, and in turn canceling the skin power to self-defense. That is why they are considered to be the most dangerous cosmetic products. For this reason hairdressers are at a higher risk.

Allatolia finished products have been registered and approved by the FDA. The finished product is the result of mixing together various ingredients. Every ingredient has its own characteristics which can be changed by combining it with another ingredient. It is evident that by advertising a product only because it contains a particular ingredient does not show the proved scientific value of the finished product. So, it is very important to test the finished product as well as each ingredient separately. All ALLATOLIA products have been tested as finished products.

For most shampoos, the manufacturing process starts with making a large amount of concentrated shampoo in one shot, and then it is diluted. Allatolia, on the other hand manufactures their shampoos differently. We do it by addition of ingredients to each bottle one by one. We add the ingredients, not dilute a high concentrated solution.

According to the results of the tests and analysis of Allatolia products, the use of Allatolia products allows achieving important clinical results with no side effects.

The whole range of Allatolia products has very advanced scientific characteristics, because we are able to achieve both aesthetic and curative results simultaneously. This is another scientific and technical innovation called Product Dynamism.

The unique distinctive characteristics of Allatolia line shows that Allatolia manufacturing levels and quality of the ingredients were almost 30 years ahead of the modern European Regulations.

Propecia The Healthy Choice For Your Hairs

In order to receive much of propecia’s effectiveness following prescribed cautions are encouraged. Women are discouraged to use this without the consultation of hair specialists and men must continue to use this drug until it shows any results.

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Natural Hair Caring and Styling Tips

Hairs of every single person get thin as a result of some deficiency in the body. It is frequently regarded as a style and a person suffering from this trouble is habitually named as a smarts and intelligent. Accordingly if a person makes a decision or people desire to try to get their hair back, they will almost certainly need to pay for the extensive, costly processes themselves.

The trouble of hair fall has consequences in a lot of other tradition and misapprehension. For example, wearing hats or head covering does not “strangle off” hair roots and prop up bluntness. Similarly, longer hair does not place a stress on the hair roots. The majority hair fall is not related with general or inner disease, nor is a meager diet a recurrent cause. The chief reason is a thyroid disease which can cause hair loss, but thyroid tests on average person who have normal hair loss problem generally shows normal results. Even though in many prescription directory “hair loss” in between their probable side effects, the drugs are also not in general widespread causes of thinning or losing hair. In contrast, with cancer treatments and immune restraint therapies, hair loss is totally normal.

One helpful method to categorize hair fall is by whether the loss is prevented from spreading and patchy, or whether it have an effect on large areas or the over the whole scalp. Hair loss in man is hereditarily determined by means of passing genes on from parents. Even if a physician can recommend medical treatment to get better the clause, this could have serious side effects. It is resulted by elevated sensitivity to male *** hormones which are androgens present in definite parts of the scalp, and is transported on from generation to generation. Formerly, baldness was habitually observed as somewhat unlucky or unwanted. On the other hand, this approach has altered over by the time and in this day a clean shaved head is typically considered as both stylish and beautiful.

We can have a choice of means to conceal hair that has previously fallen out. These consist of hair-piecing or we can say a hair-weaving process. Toupees are needed to be taped or in additional ways to maintain them from sliding off, and they also extend and oxidize. Hair weaving get loosen by the time and regularly required an intermittent restyling.

At present there is one valuable way to organize hair loss is by whether the loss is restricted and patchy, or whether it have an effect on large areas or sometimes on the whole scalp.

Drug Follicle Hair Testing- the Uproar Over Student Rights

Although drug follicle hair testing isn’t new, the new means of using the technology has many communities wondering where student rights stand.

Recently, private high schools and many public ones are using drug follicle hair testing technologies to screen students for drugs and alcohol. Public schools get away with the controversial test by making it mandatory only for students participating in extracurricular activities and sports.

Drug Follicle Hair Testing Explained

A series of assessments called FAEE, fatty acid ethyl esters and EtG alcohol testing are done to measure the amount of FAEE and EtG markers that are revealed in the drug follicle hair test. The more alcohol a person has consumed, the more markers will be present on a test. With only a pencil thickness amount of hair cut from the scalp, a drug and hair alcohol testing laboratory can find out what a person’s approximated consumption of alcohol has been up to a 30 day history and if the hair sample is longer, as much as a year of alcohol consumption can be tested.

Recently, the private school, Bishop Kelly High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma decided to approve mandatory drug testing for every student. Because the school is a private school and not a public school, the school can decide to do things a little differently. Due to recent anonymous survey given to its students, the school found that there was indeed a problem among some of its current students. The drug follicle hair testing was then implemented, with the cost of test, around $60 each passed onto the parents. The drug follicle hair testing is a random selection of the student body. No legal action will be taken to any student that happens to come up positive for drugs or alcohol but a counseling session will be required with the parents to see if help can be administered before legal action is needed. The second time the same person is found having abused drugs or alcohol, the student will be asked to leave the school.

What Message Are Teachers and Parents Sending to Their Kids?

Several legal professionals besides outraged kids and parents think that the country was founded on the basis that people were free to make their own choices and that mandatory testing like this already sends a message to students that “you are not trusted” and therefore have to be set under a microscope. This lack of privacy goes against so much of what our country is founded on. Some parents wonder if students will go to extremes to try and deter a potentially positive test result by shaving their heads, drinking harmful solutions or volunteer to quit a school in defense.

Some schools have decided that with $60 per student it is a lot of money and have decided to hire full time security guards to monitor student activity. Other schools have found great success with a solution like drug follicle hair testing for several reasons:

The test is less evasive than a urine or saliva test

Less likely to be tampered with

The test prevents students from experimenting on the weekends

$60 is worth a year’s worth of evidence

Drug follicle hair testing is quite remarkable, and now alcohol detection in hair is available to schools where it wasn’t a possibility before. The great news about this kind of testing is that it isn’t just to send students into fits of rage, it is also a tool to help police with evidence for drunk drivers, it can be a tool for coaching alcoholics and drunk addicts on the road to recovery and can ensure that employers hire the safest and most sober employees possible- now that is good news.