Bodybuilding Drug Tests

Many bodybuilding federations claim to be natural. However, the winners of the classes in these events tend to display levels of muscularity and conditioning not attainable without chemical assistance. While the debate over the ethics of a steroid user entering a natural competition merits its own article, we can agree that there are a wide variety of products and techniques available to ensure that an athlete using drugs is not caught when the drug test is given. Let’s learn more.

To Pass The Test

Typically you will be given a blood or urine screen for bodybuilding drugs. If you don’t know what type of test you’ll be facing, you’ll need to be prepared for all of them – blood, hair, and urine. You will wish to remove the substances from your body, which can cause you to fail the test. Drink water. Utilize over-the-counter herbal cleansers. Keep your hair trimmed short, or bald. Use compounds with a very short life, such as Andriol (7 days), Clenbuterol (4 days), testosterone suspension (3 days) in the last days before a show. You’ll want to stop the use of injectables several weeks before the show, and even then, some will show up for up to a year. The more potent the steroid, the longer it will show up on a toxicology screening.


Obviously, it’s very tough to beat a polygraph, or lie detector examination. The controller will examine your heartbeat, body temperature, and other factors while asking you a series of control questions. He will then ask you if you have used steroids during the forbidden time period. If your body signals elevate, you will be determined to be lying, and you will lose your winnings. Some people are able to cheat the polygraph by actually convincing themselves of an alternate reality where they didn’t cheat, or they can accept that fact that ‘everybody does it!” so they justify their use as acceptable. Still others have found that taking a mild sedative can cause the body to appear calm and relaxed during all questioning by removing all potential spikes in temperature or agitation levels.

Know The Odds

Testing athletes is very expensive, and we all know that most bodybuilding contests don’t turn major profits. For this reason, many promoters simply don’t test their athletes. Or, they will only test the winners of the classes. If you fail your test, your check doesn’t arrive, and the runner-up gets your title and winnings.

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